We play for you!

Tuna Médica de Lisboa is a traditional music group with members from both Medical Schools of Lisbon – the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon and NOVA Medical School. The band’s repertoire includes popular songs of the Portuguese folklore as well as adaptations of known Fado pieces and also original songs. Within this group, our members (who will become tomorrow’s doctors) develop important social and leadership skills and learn more about teamwork and time management, all while taking the time to relax from the hard work of a being a medical student. Check our videos to get to know more about us!

If you are interested in a performance, do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail or phone. You need only tell us what kind of performance you would like, the location, date, time and estimate duration of the performance. We have bilingual members who can speak English, French and German so we can adapt the presentation to the public.

Tuna Médica de Lisboa has high quality standards for its own performances and the members being all medical students with many academic responsabilities it may take a while before we can give you a final confirmation with the number of members who will be able to perform. That should not be a problem with a good time’s notice.

We look forward to working with you!